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Simplifying the complexities of custom and experiential signage.

Wayfinder Collaborative is an Experiential Signage Consulting Firm whose mission is focused on the client’s experience. We consist of a collaboration of artisans and experts with the network, shared knowledge and vision to achieve exceptional results.   We believe in a collaborative and transparent approach to achieving your signage goal, in open mindedness and clarity in communication and in recognizing and acknowledging creativity and skill as more than a commodity.


The mission of Wayfinder Collaborative is to collaboratively connect the best resources capable of achieving an experiential signage vision, simplify and navigate the process for getting there and provide transparent communication along the way. 

We will pick up where other sign companies tend to fail; in the communication and client experience. We will be transparent about the partners we work with and give our clients the opportunity to know and appreciate the team that is achieving their experiential graphic & signage vision and we will put the highest-level priority in communicating through the entire process.  

We love what we do and we know the process for doing it well:

• Improve Project Performance and Deliver Results

• Design & Experiential Graphic Content Creation

• Wayfinding Study & Consulting

• Site Survey & Signage Planning

• Permit Consulting & Code Research

• Project Schedule & Budget Planning

• Project Management & Oversight

• Fabrication & Installation Services



Tailored to you and your brand.


Reducing risk and saving time.


Attention to detail guaranteed.


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 14181

East Providence, RI 02914

Office Address:

65 Valley Street

East Providence, RI 02914


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Let's collaborate!

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